As I live and breathe, I’m going to share with you a short tale of struggle and beauty. The possibility to live, life. Life is beauty. As I mentioned before, there is beauty in everything. In the ground, trees, the man-made parks, the man-made skyscrapers and the man made cars.. But, not all cars are created equal.

I was drawn to nature from early on. I had one of those vivid, outdoors friend-filled adolescence. Where we would also, get into trouble or get someone into it. ha.. But, I can’t really give the early years, all the credit. Some came from when I got older. When I started to travel and explore. It helped me understand “the ways of the world” a.k.a  gain a different insight on the world.

I titled this blog entry as “Beauty and the beast” because….. I’m a beautiful person. OK….yeah… I’m so so, on the outside but on the inside…….on…the….inside, I could show you a thing or two about being sincere, warm and kind. I’m not boasting. I’m not being egotistic. I am a beautiful person because I care about pretty much everything. At least, everything around me and in my life. The world is wayyyy to big for me to care about every. single. thing.

Unfortunately. I can’t do that and really, I think it would water down my sincerity to just trill. I may not always get that feeling back in return ….. But, I still care. Now, “the beast” came from a veil creature. It had the same height, the same look and beat with the same heart. I have struggled. I have fought and I have lost on several occasions. Occasionally, short victories are won but they never last long enough. I continue to fight this beast that has lashed itself onto me. Sometimes, it can be so hurtful, that it causes me to go down a tunnel of despair. A hole so deep, It almost seems like there is no end insight. I guess, it’s my curse. It’s my burden to bare. But, it’s okay, I came to the realization that the life that I live, is beautiful. And, I still have beauty within me, deep down, where no beast can reach.